Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Follow the Bouncing Ball

24 weeks, 1 day

(She's reached viability! If I went into preterm labor today, she's got a chance of surviving outside the womb. However, let's hope for at least 37 weeks!)

It is official. I'm having problems tying my shoes. And, all future dressing from the waist down must be done in the sitting position. Otherwise, I'll topple over. Pregnant women are not Weebles. In fact, I was a one woman comedy sketch at Target the other day when I noticed my tennis shoes were untied. I attempted to bend over quite a few times before giving up. There was no way I was reaching my laces! So, up went my foot onto a nearby toy shelf, and my task was finally accomplished!

This weekend I had a shock. I realized February is here...which means that March and April were just around the corner. Holy Moly! The baby is almost here and I've not purchased a single thing (other than a couple of dresses and onesies). So, the nesting quickly began. I made sure I started getting my registry in order. I went to look at my girlfriend's crib and changing table that she's giving us (it needs painting). I've finally picked out a bedding set. I've started to seriously investigate cloth diapering. And, I'm getting together a "must have" list. This includes things we need to buy, like a video camera, storage boxes, etc. I also have been trying to narrow down my invitation list for the baby shower.

All this was done in a matter of 24 hours after discovering the rude ticking clock. It was just yesterday that I had plenty of time to sit and dream about the future. Today, I feel overwhelmed that there is not a whole lot of time left. It isn't that the things that need to be done are that numerous. It is coming to the realization that my state definitely slows me down and makes it much harder to get things accomplished. Something that may normally take me a day to do, takes me at least four. I have to stop and rest and take naps a lot! In fact, laying down to take a nap is a huge event. I can't sleep for an hour anymore. If I nap, I wake up after a solid sleep after at least three hours! I find this crazy! But, I've got the luxury to sleep, and so I'm letting my body do what it needs.

The photo posted above was taken at the specialist appt. we had last Thursday. She's smiling! The doctor was our "second opinion", and he says he can't tell if she's got a duplex collecting system or not. But, the blockage in her ureter is extreme and my have caused permanent damage to her kidney. But, we won't know for sure until she is born. We'll be having a joint meeting with the same doctor and a peds urologist in March, where they'll try and determine more. But for now, we know that she's doing fine otherwise, and should have a normal birth.

It's 10 am here and it is time for my three hour crash time. Night, night everybody!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Loving it

23 weeks, 0 days

This last week was one of the most pleasant I can remember. Our OB appt. was a joy! The ultrasound looked good. Though her kidney still shows a problem, it doesn't appear as though it has progressed. So, we are happy about that. She weighed approx. 1 lb, 7 oz, and all of her other organs and bones are growing beautifully. Amniotic fluid levels were great and it was fun to see her moving around once again. The best news we heard was that there were no signs of any Down's markers to be found. We breathed a sigh of relief after hearing that, especially after we opted out of the amnio. I'm really proud of us for not caving under all of the pressure a couple of weeks ago! She's looking great, otherwise!

I feel her move more and more. She does take little quiet breaks, where she is probably sleeping. But, as long as I pay attention and sit still, I can feel those sweet little bubbling feelings all over my tummy. I even saw her move! I was reclining on the sofa with my feet up, and she was kicking my upper tummy pretty hard. It was so strong, that when I laid the TV remote on me , it practically jumped off my belly! So funny. Yesterday, I was trying to explain to SG how I feel her moving everywhere. I was poking my tummy in all different places to show him, not realizing she could feel it. After a few of my pokes, she must have been annoyed because she kicked back. That sent us howling. We've got a feisty one on our hands!

I started registering for baby items this week. What a job! I'm still trying to figure out what we really need, and what is just baby industry hype. So, I'm taking it slow and only getting things that are essentials. I don't like any of the bedding in the stores and think they are terribly overpriced. We're also trying to get my baby shower date nailed down. Looks like it will be some time in March.

My PSD has been giving me trouble this week. It's probably because I've been doing a little more walking. I may have to get one of those pregnancy support belts. But, I'm putting it off because they look so darn uncomfortable. I'm just trying to stay off my feet too much for now. I'm still getting some days where I'm pretty exhausted. I'm starting to wonder if it is my blood pressure medication that has been causing a lot of the problem. I know exhaustion during pregnancy is common. But, I'm still trying to find my loophole. =)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Punching Bag

22 weeks, 0 days

Yesterday, SG felt her kick! What an exciting moment that was! I had been laying in bed and started feeling some kicks about 2 inches above my belly button. So, I put my hand on the area and WHAM! There was no mistaking that was our little girl. So, I called out to SG and he came a runnin' . And wouldn't you know it, once he got his hand on my tummy, she kicked him really hard. Hellooooo Daddy! I loved seeing the look on SG's face and hearing the glee come out of him as he yelled, "Oh My God! I felt that!" His eyes were the size of saucers and his face was beaming. It was a moment I don't think I'll ever forget.

Her kicking has definitely been more consistent, and I'm feeling her every day. Today, she must have been napping for a while (as was I). But, she woke up around 6pm and decided to check out the joint, moving around, kicking, and taking in the scenery.

We had a bit of a scare last Thursday. At about 7:30 pm, I started getting some slight cramping. It didn't feel like contractions, but more like period cramping....achy and lots of spasms. It was getting a little stronger over time and I didn't say anything to SG until it started getting worse.

At close to 8pm, we were surprised by a good jolt of an earthquake! (It was based over 30 miles away in San Bernardino, but we felt it pretty good here). Then at about 8:15, the cramps starting getting bad enough that I couldn't keep it a secret any longer. I started getting alarmed when some of the cramping started showing up in my lower back. We both got online to figure out if we should do anything about it. And then, I called my doctor. The on call Dr. said to wait for a bit. If the cramping still wasn't gone in about an hour, we should go straight to the hospital. Well, it didn't get better. And so by 9:45 pm, we were on our way to the Labor & Delivery Dept. and checked into Triage for monitoring.

The cramping had different phases of intensity, but seemed to be getting a little better over time. They had me hooked up on 2 monitors and a blood pressure cuff. We could hear our little girl's heart beat loud and clear, until she didn't like all the noise and kept repositioning herself. They also were monitoring me for contractions. Nothing was showing up, but the L&D nurses insisted that at 21 weeks, you can have contractions that won't show up on their monitors because they are so light. So, I had to stay. I was even given an injection of a muscle relaxer to see if the cramping would stop. My back pain stopped very quickly, but the abdominal cramping never quite went away. They even checked my cervix to make sure it wasn't dilating. (Not a great experience having a 300 lb nurse sticking her gloved fingers way up inside you and feeling around. LOL) By 2:30 am, I was sent home to rest and told to come back if anything progressed.

I went to sleep by 3:30 am, with the cramping still going on. The next day, both SG and I were exhausted. But, upon waking, I was pleased to find the cramping had ceased. I had a little bit start up again that evening, but it went away pretty quickly. That was such a relief! And, nothing has occurred since.

Lastly, I had my Endocrinology appt. today. All looks good. No need to change my thyroid meds just yet. I had a surge of something going on in my body at the time, because my heart rate was a whopping 110 bpm while sitting. My doctor made note of it and said he wants me to keep an eye on it. I think I was just tired and had a little bit of the "white coat syndrome" at the time. My resting HR has been anywhere from 80-103 over the last few weeks. So, the 110 was not a usual occurrence.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Waddling Along

21 weeks, 2 days

Baby continues to grow and is moving around more and more. It is as if Sunday, she was given keys to her first car and has been going ever since. Lots of turns and kicks and moves....all so very reassuring and fun to experience. SG still can't feel it from the outside yet, but the day is coming soon.

I've got doctor appointments coming out of my ears. Next week I'll see my OB and my Endocrinologist. And the week after, we'll see a new Perinatologist to get an update on her kidney. Then, we'll also be seeing a Urologist who'll be following her case as well. It isn't so much the busyness that gets to me, but the stress from hearing all the updates and news. So far, every time we go in, we've had bad news. I really just want to leave a doctor's office with a smile on my face again.

I've been diagnosed with PSD (Pubic Symphisis Dysfunction), and my pelvic carriage is misaligned due to loose ligaments from too much Relaxin hormone. I've had a bad flare up and have had problems walking and standing. Even sitting hurts like crazy. So, now I have to reduce a lot of my activity and retrain myself to do things a little differently. Did I mention I caused the recent flare-up because I was an idiot and assisted my 90 lb golden retriever up onto the bed? Yeah. Totally stupid (hits self over head). And let me tell you, it hurt! I'll never do that again! I'm already feeling a little better after following doctor's orders. But, the real test will be when I go grocery shopping today. Walking a lot and pushing carts are a no-no. But, our fridge and cupboards are bare and I gotta do something!

Note to self: DO NOT wear those maternity jeans again! The full panel doesn't hold up my pants and I can't walk 5 feet without them falling down. Soooo annoying!

We went to a hospital tour and orientation the other day. The hospital we chose looks like a freaking Ritz Carlton. It is beautiful, and perfect for bringing a princess into the world. ;-) Out of about 200 people there, we were the lucky winners of a raffle, which we get to choose from a couple of prizes.....discount on a breast pump rental, child rearing book and video, or a Mommy and Me class series. Just what every new mom dreams of... A massage at Burke Williams would have been more up my alley. =)