Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something Strange Is Happening

35 weeks, 2 days

Something very strange has been happening. And today it got a lot worse. My husband and my dog are acting funny. No really. It is like they are sensing something in the air.

SG has been getting more and more lovey dovey with me over the last week. Today, he kept coming into our room just to give me a kiss, or a hug, or to tell me that he loved me. I honestly don't know what has prompted this. I did nothing knowingly on my end to stir things up. He's just....I don't know.....really in love at the moment. And, it just warms my heart to no end. He even came into the room when I was laying down and said that he's not sure what is wrong with him today. He's been getting "choked up" at the smallest things. He read about the remains of a baby mammoth that was found all by itself and completely intact. It looks like it just laid down for whatever reason, and died all alone. That got SG a little weepy, and he had to come in to see me. It is very sweet. But, very odd all at the same time.

Then there is my dog. My 90+ lb golden retriever has been acting similarly. Now, I've had this dog for over 10 years. So, I know his behavior pretty darn well. Over the last week, he's been very protective of me and won't leave me side. If I sit at the dining table, he needs to lay under it next to my feet. If I walk into the kitchen, he needs to follow me. If I lay on the sofa, he snuggles up on the floor right next to me. I go into the bedroom, and he must be within a couple of feet. Over his lifetime, he's had periods when he's gotten fairly needy. But not like this. Today, I was in the bathroom (which he never follows me into) working a flat iron through my hair. I heard a little whimper. When I went to the door, there he was, with a really sad face as if he was worried I'd been in there too long. I pushed open the door a little farther and he came in to lay next to my feet while I finished. So darn adorable. But, I need to ask why. Does he sense something?

Do my darling husband and doggie both have some deep knowing about what is about to happen? They say that dogs get very attached to women right before they go into labor. So, perhaps that has something to do with it.

It's all very strange to me. But, I can't help but feel terribly, terribly loved because of it.

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